Emco fb2 milling machine

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Emco fb2 milling machine

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Emco fb 2 for sale

I am wanting to upgrade from my vertical slide on my lathe to a better milling facility. I've ruled out either of the Rodney Myford attachments since one needs to attach-reattach to the madder each time which would become very tiresome. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I have heard very good things about these Austrian machines and the fact that they retain there value for many years is surly a very good sign.

If I read you correctly you think of mounting an Emco milling head to a Myford lathe? If so, how? After these questions, now to my experience. Back in the seventies I used an Emco head, but mounted on an Emco lathe which had the necessary clamp for the column. Such a combination is, as I found out, really unsuitable except for the lightest of milling jobs. Many people don't realize that a milling cutter generates an upward force on the workpiece, and a lathe saddle is not constructed to resist this force.

This also leads to vibrations and chatter on the workpiece. So after quite a short time I mounted the head to a heavy milling table and later sold the lathe. I still have this mill but don't use it now, having some better machines.

Really even think about selling it Thinking about that above - could be that the Myford's flat bed is better in resisting these upward forces, but I stay to my opinion that a milling attachment on a lathe is an unsatisfactory makeshift.

Not least also the constant changes between turning and milling. I had a ML7 with a Rodney attachment, I could see the cross slide wobbling about during the cut. The lathe was not in bad condition, the slides just had trouble coping.

Emco FB-2 Coordinate Milling & Drilling Machine

I fitted a Super7 cross slide which was a vast improvement, even so, it only had capacity for small parts. If you just need to improve milling with the vertical slide, this is well worth doing. This works OK, much more rigid than the ML7, greater capacity but still still limited to quite small parts.

The Emco bed is very well braced and there is a thick pad cast onto the back where the milling column fits. To make it work with the ML7 you would need to attach the column to the surface the lathe mounts to and also brace it to the machined surface on the rear of the bed.

I have an Emco V10P with the earlier 4 speed milling head. The lathe is a fine lathe and very pleasant to use.You will receive new offers immediately and free of charge by e-mail You can easily terminate the search request at any time. Find out more. Buyers can restrict the circle of potential business partners without extensive checks and favor companies that make honest and righteous shops with high probability.

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emco fb2 milling machine

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emco fb2 milling machine

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Kassel, Germany. Universal tool milling machine Emco FB 4.The quest for innovation and the development of innovative technologies has always been part of EMCO's philosophy. The chain of evidence is long and begins in Since then EMCO has shown time and again that it is possible to use impressive knowledge to make groundbreaking machines.

And that is not going to change in the future. EMCO's sales and customer service staff have switched to telework and can be contacted by phone or The past financial year was an exceptionally positive one for the Kuhn Group. As a logical consequence of successfully establishing the Umill and Umill on the market, Extension of the Umill range around the new Umill Modular design for increased power and more possibilities: with a spindle distance of no more than The jobs available at EMCO are as varied as the opportunities for personal development.

From skilled engineers through to business managers, there are many avenues available to committed EMCO employees willing to continue learning. Open Vacancies. View Product. Symbolic picture. Let us help you find the machine you need Machine search.

From experience in turning From experience in Milling From experience in Automation.

emco fb2 milling machine

Jobs Apprenticeships Internships Application. EMCO History. Learn more.Tooling: Not included. Modifications: None. Condition: If you're a perfectionist, the unit needs a thorough cleaning and repainting Emco green. The paint seems to be peeling in spots. The milling table surface shows some tool hits from use. Nothing that you can't fix with epoxy or work around. The gauge on the front of the milling table is also missing.

The mast is in very good condition with some stains. This iron on this mill overall is very good or better. There is some oil and oxidation stains on the bare metal as can be seen in the photos. Mechanically the mill is in very good operating condition.

The hand wheels turn "TRUE" which is rare with these units. All gears shift and work fine. The stop gauges next to the hand wheels need to be cleaned up with a Scotch-brite pad or wheel.

EMCO FB 2 mill, using the dividing attachment.

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Equipment: - Mechanical or motor spindle - 30 x tool magazine opt. Product details Homepage Product request. Equipment: - High-performance milling spindles - 30 x tool magazine opt. Highlights: - Highest thermostability and optimal machining accuracy - Cutting-edge control technology from Siemens with JobShop programming software - Very attractive price-performance ratio - Top European quality — Made in the Heart of Europe Equipment: - Mechanical spindle - 20 x tool magazine - Fast two-arm changer - Optionally dividing unit 4th axis - Siemens control.

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High speed milling machine HSC. Product group High speed milling machines HSC. Universal tool milling machines. EMCO Maxxmill Driven by either a 0. If the head needed to be rotated around the vertical axis of the column the latter could be unclamped from its housing by two socket-headed screws and, guided by a ring of degree markings, swung to whatever position was desired While the earlier 4-speed head used paddle-type speed-change levers located by tiny, fiddly-to-engage pins as also found on Emco lathes of the time the 6-speed version had much larger, more easily-gripped plastic handles fitted with spring-loaded indexing.

Of a generous size for a small machine the x mm table had mm of longitudinal travel, mm across and a maximum clearance of mm from the spindle nose.

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As an option a 3-speed table-feed motor was offered this became a variable-speed motor on the Taiwanese copies that gave rates of 33, 65 and mm per minute. However, although this expensive installation included a safety over-load clutch, activated when the table contacted an adjustable stop, it lacked a true "fully-disengaged" action; not a serious drawback, but one to be aware of.

All versions had neatly engraved rulers, marked either in mm or fractions of an inch, on both the X and Y axes. Micrometer dials were of a good size, neatly engraved and, on all the examples encountered by the writer, both Austrian and Taiwanese, the feeds worked with commendable smoothness, the feed-screw nuts being adjustable to remove backlash. In addition to being used on the FB-2 miller, the 6-speed head was also fitted, as an optional extra, to the larger Emco geared-head lathes. Almost exact copies of the FB-2 were also made in Taiwan and marketed under various brand names e.

Poseidon in the U. These copies, very much less expensive than the Austrian-built machines, still appear to have been a soundly engineered proposition and the few examples encountered by the writer all worked quietly and with commendable precision. A number of accessories was offered by the makers including a T-slotted angle plate, mm diameter rotary table, a swivel-base machine vice, boring and fly-cutting head non-micrometer typea collet chuck, drill chuck, a number of milling cutter, drill, gear, side-and-face and slitting-saw cutter sets, a pair of adapters to mount a 3-jaw chuck on the table, rotary table and angle plate, a set of stepped clamping shoes, a standard machine light, a fluorescent-strip machine light, a cabinet base, a chip tray with coolant connections and a coolant tank and pump assembly.

How do you view the Emco FB2 milling head

A 6-speed FB2 being operated by the smallest chap they could find from the sales department. The clear markings and simple controls on the head of an FB2. Note the improvements over the 4-speed model: easier-to-grip speed-change levers, adjustable-for-position spindle and column clamp handles and a 2-lever drill-feed handle.

The end of the quill where it protruded through the top surface of the head was also protected--but only by an easily-knocked-off plastic cover. Gear cutting on the FB2 using the Emco dividing head. FB2 general-arrangement drawings. However, all those seen by the writer have been constructed as an almost perfect copy, built to a good standard and have worked well.

Last of the Emco-manufactured conventional geared-head milling machines, the FB-2 was an exceptionally well built and versatile machine. Emco FB2 Photo Essay.

emco fb2 milling machine

It's not really that big. The table was mm x mm. Warco clone of the Emco FB-2 fitted with an infinitely variable-speed table drive. Warco table feed-screw micrometer dial.I am, therefore, faced with having to remove the old motor from the machine, and swap any attachments to the new motor. The exploded view in the manual indicates various items in the drive train: a pinion, flywheel, adaptor and worm etc, but it is not obvious how these components interconnect.

My query is: is there anyone out there who is familiar with these machines and who can advise me of any pitfalls that I need to avoid during this operation? Also, does anyone know if spare parts are available for the FB2? Why not just buy v to v 3 phase converter and not bother with the agro of changing the motor, may even be a lower cost option.

If you have ever used one of these, changing to a new motor is by far the better option in the long run.

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In my opinion. The windings are exactly the same on V and V motors, they are just connected differently. Single voltage ones just don't have an easy facility for swapping over connections to change voltage, they are 'hard wired'.

Take the motor to a local rewind place, they will take a look at it and may be able to dig out the star point and convert it to V for you for a fraction of the cost of a new motor.

You then use the savings to buy a better inverter. So what is the problem with these? I am pretty sure the motor on the FB2 is similar to the previous Emco mill which is what I have and is not replaceable by anything other than the Emco motor. That, and the fact that original motors are not available or extremely!

As Neil mentions there is a possibility that the internal connections of the existing motor windings might be amenable to being modified to delta configuration. Because of the 'value' of the motor do your best to find someone or a company that is knowledgeable and competent. Whether or putting a VFD on the machine is the best thing to do from a usability point of view.

May be worth asking on teh Emco Yahoo group, although its mostly lateh based there are a number of members who have the milling heads on teh back of their lathes which are basically FB-2 machines. For spares you should be able to get certain ones from Pro Machine. I use a - ,single to 3 phase inverter on my student and XYZ bridgeport clone Bought it from Drives Direct at Nottingham, guy there was very helpful, no connection other than a happy customer.

Ian P is correct. FB2 is the "Millerised" version of the 6speed Green milling attachment from the later Maximat V10P lathe and yes, the motor is a pain in its unique construction for Emco. Possibly Wein? Circuit in manual always causes question "Is the motor the same for 3phase and single phase" For both versions, there are three coils, one wired as three phase and other shows a capacitor wired in.

The "Green" motor was preferential to the earlier "Blue" one fitted to the 4 speed head, same with Lathe drive motor. Worth asking on the Yahoo "Emco" site. See the similarity to machine tools? Thank you to everyone for your helpful responses, I've obviously got some serious thinking to do. The standard motor shaft was a size smaller so I stripped the new motor and re-machined the shaft nose in the lathe.

The flywheel, primary drive gear and gearbox oil lift screw all attach to the shaft via the internal thread in the motor shaft nose. The plastic gearbox oil lift screw shaft is easily broken if the motor isn't carefully lifted out vertically but it's also easily repaired with a section of speedo cable inner and epoxy if you do break it and once you repair it this way it's no longer sensitive to handling or alignment.

Measure your proposed motor carefully, even the compact frame motor I used required a spacer ring to move the mill head 8mm further out from the column, I could have removed a couple of fins and slotted the fan cover but I fancied the additional 8mm throat.

I have the earlier 4 speed version of the mill and the motor shaft on that is a one piece construction. Is the two part design screwed together standard on the FB2 or is that how you did the conversion?


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